How To Lose Stomach Fat

how to lose stomach fat

Almost every person wants to know how to lose stomach fat.  You don’t necessarily have to be overweight to have a stomach fat problem.  Many people are skinny in all their body areas except their stomach.  Stomach fat is the most stubborn fat on the body – when a person gains weight, the fat goes in the belly first, and when a person loses weight, the stomach fat is the last one to leave.

Nobody likes the look of a stomach that sticks out due to excess fat.  After all, who wants to look like they are pregnant because of their fat stomach? And not only does the fat stomach look bad, but it is also very unhealthy.  Stomach fat is worse for your health than ordinary fat in other parts of the body.  Research shows that stomach fat increases the risk of deadly diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer, regardless of the person’s weight.

Since excess belly fat is so ugly and dangerous, it is important to lose  that stomach fat.  Learn how to lose stomach fat, develop a plan of action and follow it.

How To Lose Stomach Fat: Lose Weight In General

Unfortunately, there is no magic way to target fat on your stomach.  When you lose weight, you can’t influence the order in which the fat leaves your body.  The fat distribution is genetically programmed and varies from person to person.  If your body is designed that the stomach fat is the last fat to leave, that’s how it’s going to be.  Save your money – no pills, wraps or potions are ever going to be successful in targeting your stomach area for fat reduction.

To lose stomach fat, you simply need to lose weight the old-fashioned way – with diet and exercise.  When you lose weight in general, you will eventually lose stomach fat too.  As you lose weight, the tummy will get proportionately smaller.  In order to get your stomach completely flat, you might need to lose more weight than you originally planned.  Even if you never lose enough fat to get your stomach completely flat, it is still worthwhile to get that tummy smaller.  A stomach that still has a little bit of extra fat is definitely better than a stomach that’s enormous!

How To Lose Stomach Fat: What About Abdominal Exercises?

If you have a fat stomach, no amount of situps and crunches will make it flat.  You can have 6-pack abs, but nobody is going to see them if they are hidden under a layer of fat!  Abdominal exercises tone and strengthen your stomach muscles, but they don’t help you lose stomach fat.

However, abdominal exercises can make your stomach APPEAR less fat.  When the abdominal muscles are strong and toned, your belly is not hanging out as much as the belly of someone with weak abs.   Even with the same amount of fat, your stomach will look slightly better if you exercise your abs.

How To Lose Stomach Fat: Stomach Fat Surgery

Surgery is an alternative solution to losing stomach fat.  Liposuction and tummy tuck procedures can make your stomach look perfectly flat.  However, I would never recommend it.  Surgeries are risky, painful and expensive.  Going under the knife because you don’t have the willpower to lose stomach fat with diet and exercise is pretty extreme.

Start eating healthy and increase your physical activity today to start losing your stomach fat.  Remember, a little bit of stomach fat lost is better than nothing.   To monitor your progress in losing stomach fat, measure your stomach circumference.  See the inches lost off your stomach will motivate you and keep you on track, so you can lose all that unwanted stomach fat!

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